Luggage Warranties and Briggs & Riley Warranties

Most branded luggage sold in the UK today comes with a warranty. This can vary from one year to three, five or even ten years in certain cases.

All purchases are also protected in law under the sale of goods act, which places the retailler and manufacturer under certain obligations to the customer.

You, the customer should be aware that all manufacturer warranties apply only to manufacturing faults and do not include damage sustained in transit. Therefore, most manufacturers will not accept liability for luggage damaged in transit. It is a somewhat grey area and we always advise that the airline should be notified of any damage to the case upon arrival.

At Alba Luggage, we always intercede on our customer’s behalf with manufacturers and many are quite helpful with minor travel damage, but we do stress that they are not obliged to do so.

We always recommend spending an extra ten minutes in the baggage hall to get that damage claim form from the handling company or the airline. A little extra time at that stage will save a lot of bother later on.

The only luggage we know of in this country that comes with a no questions asked warranty is Briggs & Riley.

Briggs & Riley say “if it is broken, we’ll fix it free of charge. If the case cannot be fixed, we will replace it with the closest match available”

Yes, it is true, ladies and gentlemen…  If you buy a large Briggs & Riley suitcase, you will never have to buy another one unless you want to own two of them.,,  It is a lifetime warranty…  Their cases are family heirlooms…and not too expensive to boot…