The best travel insurance

So you have deliberated and cogitated and finally gone out and bought a set of super new luggage to use on your travels. Lovely, shiny, with four wheels and TSA locks so that the customs officers can open the cases without forcing the locks…

You have bought new clothes and toiletries, sunscreen, you have your checklist ready, passports… check, tickets…check, money…check, hotel reservations…check, holiday insurance…check.

What have you forgotten…?

You have forgotten the luggage strap!!!!

A seemingly innocuous and unnecessary accessory which, when the poop hits the fan, may well save your holiday upon arrival at your destination.

There is almost no such thing as bad luggage today. Whatever brand you buy, most cases will do the job required of them. Most larger manufacturers perform crash tests on their ranges and meet a certain standard in regard to durability and robustness…  What no manufacturer can factor in is what happens when your luggage befalls an accident in transit or is seriously mishandled or even vandalized.

Imagine a routine customs check where the customs officer uses his TSA key to open a case as he should, but due to pressures of work, he doesn’t re-close the case correctly, or a zip isn’t fastened correctly because the case is a trifle overfilled… the contents of your luggage more likely to arrive before your luggage on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim.

In addition, a case secured with a strap in addition to the locks on the case will deter the opportunist thief from trying to get into your luggage. Time is of the essence for these people and to have to open a lock and undo a strap may be the difference between having a go and leaving it well alone.

For the price of a couple of coffees and croissants, make sure you have a luggage strap around your case.

The best travel insurance on the market.

Happy travelling…