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Demands on quality, function, and design of their Rimowa luggage, and more importantly, demands on an authentic vacation experience. In such a way that the new advertising slogan, “Every Case Tells a Story” proves true over and over again. And that each Rimowa is exactly what they inherited as design: to be perhaps one of the most gripping travel companions of the world.

Rimowa Salsa Air Range

Salsa Air

Rimowa Salsa Luggage rarely gets bent out of shape. The extremely hard wearing polycarbonate cases return to their original shape as soon as the pressure on them is released. One of the main features of the case that impressed the German product testing organisation TUV, Rimowa salsa was rated as "the lightest and best Luggage in 2004 and 2005.

Salsa Deluxe

The deluxe version has a new and fully removable divider system in the interior ensuring that even delicate clothes are transported safely and remain crease resistant. Case contents are simply fixed by straps and fasteners preventing any slippage even when the case is not full. The cases are manufactured out of 100% polycarbonate which is rare in the industry. If the case is compressed it returns to its original shape automatically as soon as the pressure is released. The cases are both scratch and impact resistant with extraordinary flexibility for a hard side case.


The Rimowa Topas collection was originally developed in 1950 It is today's ultimate suitcase for all forms of travel and remains a design icon of modern travel. These suitcases are among the lightest and sturdiest cases in the world. The aluminium-magnesium shells can withstand all the strains created by travel, providing optimum protection against severe humidity and extreme changes of temperature. Topas has everything that the demanding traveller requires: excellent functionality, the latest technology, exquisite appointments, and first-class quality.

Topas Titanium

A modern look and finish to a timeless classic. The Topas Titanium, based on the Topas range incorporates new fittings and an entirely new interior offering twin dividers, infinitely adjustable to suit your needs, or removable with a built in suit cover to ensure that what goes in Ironed, comes out Ironed.


Based on the Salsa range of Rimowa Luggage, the Bolero range has useful exterior Zipped pockets constructed of hard wearing Polyester fabric. In addition, included in each case are a selection of laundry and shoe bags to help organise ones possessions.

Classic Flight

The Rimowa Classic Flight range harks back to the beginning of World Air Travel. A leather handle, a bright interior lining with aircraft motif serves to recall the early days of air travel, A nostalgic hommage to those first intrepid men and women in their Flying Machines.