Rimowa Topas Stealth Sport Multiwheel 89 Litre Suitcase Black Electronic Tag

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EXCLUSIVE ELEGANCE. The unmistakable character of the original combined with black anodised aluminium shells – TOPAS STEALTH represents yet another highlight of the TOPAS collection. Including, of course, high quality materials, precision workmanship, and exquisite equipment. The external impression, which conveys exclusiveness at first glance, is continued in every last detail of the interior. Thanks to the height adjustable Flex-Divider system, the suitcase can be perfectly packed as required. The garment bag,* and shoe and laundry bags on the other side, ensure that everything has its own place. With the Add-a-Bag Holder integrated discreetly in the shell, an additional piece of luggage can be attached directly to the suitcase. Further comfort is provided by the telescopic handle with no pre-set stages and the Multiwheel® system for the effortless manoeuvring of TOPAS STEALTH. A TOPAS STEALTH case is a beautiful sight at all times. After a number of travels, a particularly fascinating, individual patina forms on the black anodised aluminium. RIMOWA ELECTRONIC TAG Flying with RIMOWA suitcases with even greater comfort and speed. The digital RIMOWA Electronic Tag luggage product makes it possible to check your suitcase in from anywhere and then hand it over at the airport within seconds. • Download the RIMOWA App free of charge and use it to activate and personalise the RIMOWA Electronic Tag. • The airline’s own app will identify the personalised piece of luggage. The data on the booked flight will be sent to the selected luggage by Bluetooth. • The details will be shown on the integrated Electronic Tag display. • The suitcase is now checked in and can be dropped off at the airport within seconds. See www.rimowa-electronictag.com for more information.

Weight 6.6000
Volume 89
Dimensions 73.0 x 37.5 x 43.0